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Sydney to Buenos Aires

Never going back to economy

We boarded our flight on time and because we were in business class we had priority boarding. It was nice not having to wait in line. We found our seats and quickly settled in. Before we had even left the ground Shane had played with every button there was on his seat. There were buttons to provide you with a massage and buttons to put your seat in so many different positions, even put a partition up between us if we got sick of each other. The room between seats was unbelievable, as demonstrated by Shane in the photo.
We had pre-flight drinks and set off only to find that we were actually on a direct flight to Santiago, so it was only a 12 hour flight, no stop in Auckland like we usually have. Lunch was amazing. It was all food from the famous Sydney restaurant called Rockpool. Instead of getting a meal in a small plastic tray we had napkins placed on our trays and we provided the flight attendant with our choice between 2 entrees and 4 main meals. When the meals arrived it was more like being in a restaurant than on a plane.
After lunch we both settled down to watch a movie. They then came around with pyjamas with a cute flying kangaroo on the front. Due to the time changes we were going to have to go to bed early.
We were given a quilt and a sleeping mat that you put down over your seat. The sky beds were fantastic once again demonstrated by Shane.
Although I did not sleep much due to the time changes it was so much more relaxing not being squashed up in economy.
Before going to bed we had both completed a breakfast request. So we had a variety of food to choose from for breakfast and once again it was individualised and yummy.
We arrived in Santiago at 10.20am on Monday 21st. It was quite strange as due to the international dateline we had arrived earlier than we had even left Sydney. We had 4 hours to kill while we waited for our Buenos Aires flight. We found the LAN lounge and settled in. By this time we were extremely tired as it was the middle of the night back in Oz.
We then set off on a 2 hour flight to BA. Upon arrival we had to go through the usual immigration process. This had been made quicker as you now have to apply online for your reciprocity application before you arrive in the country, we did however have to stand still for a picture of our face to be taken and provide a thumb print. We proceeded to baggage collection and there were our bags going around on the carousel already, so that was a relief. It was nice having someone at the airport to meet us and so after around 40 minutes we were at our hotel and collapsed.

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Our Journey Begins

Business Class - Whoo Hoo

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Well the secret was finally out. Saturday morning while going through our final cull of things not to take I announced to Shane that we would not need our comfy neck pillows as we were travelling business class. The look on his face was fantastic. He could not believe that I had kept it quiet all this time. Further more he could not believe the number of people that knew about it and that it hadn't leaked out. He became even more excited when he googled the plane and saw that he would be able to lay horitonzal to sleep.

Mum and dad dropped us at Adelaide airport nice and early on Sunday so that we could enjoy the Qantas Lounge before heading to Sydney.
We boarded the flight and for the first time were in row 3. Nice spacious seats. Something we could really get used to. We were really well looked after and every time they came to see if we wanted anything we were addressed as Mr and Mrs Beams. Before the plane even took off we had hot towels and a pre fight drink. They then came and took orders for pre lunch drinks. We decided to have champagne to celebrate both our journey in business class and the start of our next adventure. The service was extremely different from when we are in ecomomy, no wonder they have the curtains shut so you can't see what is going on. Within no time we had arrived in Sydney and were settled in to the Ibis Airport Hotel for the night.

Once again this morning we arrived back at the airport nice and early to again take advantage of the Qantas Lounge. For the first time we did not have to queue to book our bags in. Straight to business class. We were then handed express passes to go through customs and security, this was so much quicker and no queues to stand in. We could certainly get used to this. Shane is already saying we will never go back to economy.
We had a cooked breakfast in the lounge and then went off to do the duty free shopping. (got your grog dad). It is all ready for us to collect upon our return in April.

We are now settled back into the lounge awaiting our flight.


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